1) TARGETED LINKS If you exchange links with websites that are related to the topics covered in yours (highly recommended) then visitors that click on your links will be targeted. They will already be interested in the site that you exchanged links with and so will be looking for more information on the topic. 

2) IT'S FREE Exchanging links is free (the only cost being that you have to put a reciprocal link on your website). This means that you will be getting targeted traffic for no cost at all, whereas you could be paying for targeted visitors from pay-per-click search engines, ezine ads etc.

3) LINK POPULARITY Each time you exchange links with a website it means that there is one more site linking to you. Now that link popularity is becoming more important with search engine rankings, it is essential to build your link popularity. And what better way to do it than by exchanging links? You increase your link popularity and get free targeted advertising at the same time.

4) BUILDS YOUR SITES RESOURCES If your website offers resources to its visitors, then the websites that your exchange links with can be added to those resources. In this way you can build up your resource directory with the reciprocal links, thus offering an extra service/feature for your visitors as well as advertising your website at the same time.

5) QUICK RESPONSE Once you have exchanged links with a website, then you can start receiving visitors from that link straight away. In contrast, if you submit your website to the search engines, then it might take weeks or months to even get listed. This is a good way for new websites to quickly build a flow of traffic to their sites.

6) GUARANTEED LINK Once you have exchanged links with a website, that link is guaranteed. You know that your link will always be displayed on that site, as long as you continue to display their link. If the webmaster that you exchanged with decides to delete your link, then you can delete theirs, and vice versa.

7) WEBMASTERS ARE HAPPY TO EXCHANGE LINKS Most webmasters are happy to exchange links with websites relevant to theirs. Remember, the exchange will hopefully bring traffic for both websites, and most webmasters are more than happy to receive more traffic.

8) PERMANENT LINK With a link exchange you get a link on a website related to yours that won't expire. Unlike search engines or FFA links pages, your link can't expire or be pushed off the bottom of the list and so no re-submission is necessary. The only time your link could become inactive is if the webmaster decides to delete your link, in which case you can delete theirs.

9) CUSTOMISABLE You should be able to submit your website title and a short description for the exchange. Obviously it is down to the webmaster who you are exchanging links with to decide exactly what is written, but if you are not happy it should be negotiable - remember you have the bargaining power of placing a customized link for them on your site. If your link is being placed in a resource directory you could also be able to choose an appropriate category for your link to be placed in.

10) FAIR SWAP A link exchange should be a fair swap. Don't try to take advantage of a webmaster in a link exchange and vice versa. For example, if your link is going to have a description, then put a description for the reciprocal link. If you place a websites link on your main page, then expect your link on their main page (this may not be the case, however, if your website receives significantly less traffic than the one you are linking to - be careful and be honest!)

SUMMARY Link exchanging is a free way to quickly receive targeted traffic, whilst building your link popularity and adding extra resources to your website. You should receive a permanent, customized link, in exchange for the same on your site. In exchanging links you may meet other webmasters who run websites similar to yours who you may partner with later on for ad swaps etc. This is a great way to help yourself whilst helping others at the same time.

Author: Chris Bate