In today's fast-paced Web environment, there are lots of ways you can add value to your website. The most common one is simple 'content' in the form of articles related to your business. But many entrepreneurs have taken that concept a step farther, and are now offering content that not only complements their business presentation, but that can be sold as a separate product.

Selling an informational product from your website is worth considering no matter what your business is. From ebooks to audiotapes to videotapes, the choices are varied - and many of them are surprisingly affordable, with all the technology available to us now.

Take, for example, websites about sales techniques. Many online sales experts - particularly trainers and coaches - have available, on their websites, books and tapes ABOUT the art of selling. Visitors to the site can learn from browsing through the free informational content there, or they have the option of purchasing these additional products to further pursue their learning.

Let's say you wanted to learn how to golf -- there are several ways to go about it. You would want to get out on a course and hit a few balls, you might take a lesson or two, and you might subscribe to a magazine about golfing. 

If you're on the Internet, you'll most certainly do a search for golf websites. And when you find them, you'll likely discover that a huge percentage of websites about the game of golf have instructional videos you can purchase to help you with your game. 

I know a woman who is a plastic surgery consultant. Although she has lots of good informational articles on her website, her hottest product is a tape she made of interviews with doctors regarding various procedures. It sells, directly from her website, for over $20 - and sells like the proverbial hotcakes, too!

A wallpaper expert I know has a little coil-bound booklet of 'Interior Decorating Tips' for sale on his website - for $10. It took him about 20 minutes to put the thing together, at a cost of about $1.30 per book!

How can you apply this concept to your business, and your website? Can you create an ebook about your product that people would be willing to pay for? Does your product or service lend itself to any kind of instructional information that you could sell? Would an audiotape work for you? Have you ever thought of creating an instructional videotape for your site visitors? A step-by-step visual presentation of your product or service could be just the goldmine your website needs.

Don't miss out on a whole new avenue of inexpensive, but highly effective, promotional materials for your business!