We are SFI Marketing Group (SFIMG), an international organization based in Nebraska, USA.  SFIMG  has been growing steadily at a rate of more than 1,000 new affiliates PER DAY. Today the count is well over 2 million SFI representatives from 190 countries.  This number is impressive! And merchants around the globe are noticing.  SFI doesn't have to go knocking on doors to get new deals, companies around the world come looking for them.  The business deals in the making will make this organization soar in every country!

So what makes SFIMG better and stand out from the rest?

red checker Superior products and services that don't only satisfy today's needs, but will also satisfy the needs and wants of tomorrow.  And not only in North America, but all over the world!

red checker SFIMG is built on a strong and solid foundation and plans ahead for years to come.

red checker Successful entrepreneurs are heading SFIMG, men and women who "have been there, done that, and made it to the top on their own".  They know exactly what they're doing, and it shows.  And now they're teaching us how to do the same.

red checker SFIMG has a proven system that WORKS!  THAT's the difference!


You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, it's free to join!


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If you're looking for a company that will train you, teach you, step by step, how to succeed, and provide free support and resources around the clock, this opportunity is exactly what you need.  As long as you follow our system, your success will be in your hands.

And even if you never earn a six figure income, you will be able to build a significant residual income in a few years, from the comfort of your home, working just a few hours per week. Isn't this worth a try?  YOU decide!

Your main, computer based, job is to send people to your website. Once they are there, SFI takes over for you. The SFI system is automated to do all the needed follow-ups to sell, sign-up, train and upgrading to the other available options for your Affiliates/Members.

SFI provides trained leaders who are available to help you  with your work at home job if you have any  questions or concerns. And, of course, you also have me at your disposal.

SFI also maintains an excellent Discussion Board moderated by SFI volunteer Leaders, worldwide, to provide answers, 24-hours a day.


Turn your dreams into reality! Start earning money TODAY.



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I have been with the company for less than a week and have been met with nothing but well wishes and offers of assistance. GREAT FOLKS TO WORK WITH!
T. Nichols (Missouri, USA)
In all my years in the industry I've never seen or been affiliated with a program of this magnitude; This is incredible folks! Everything is in place.

G. Dillard (Texas, USA)
I am totally in awe of the support, products and payplan SFI has to offer. I've been involved with other programs but have never seen a more rewarding business opportunity than this.

A. Sieradzki (Michigan, USA)
This is definitely the most professional home based income generating system I have ever seen. The speed of response, amount of quality training materials, sales tools and positive energy is very impressive.

C. Thomas (Australia)
In all my experience in the industry I have never seen a program so well thought out and comprehensive as this. It brilliantly eliminates the major problem areas most people strike out at in building a successful business. Great concept!

D. Adams (Australia) 
This is an incredibly well set-up and user friendly business opportunity. And what is most important, it provides training leading to professional results.

O. Markova (Russia)
SFI is exceptional! From the basics, to the training, to the follow-through they guide you every step of the way.

R. Daly (Oregon, USA)
I have been searching the internet for a realistic affiliate program that did what it said it would do. I believe the SFI affiliate program is the best out there.
M. Davis (Nevada, USA)